Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself- Herman Hesse

My name is Hamsa Eliza. I have been a student of yoga for 18 years, and began leading classes 16 years ago. I have been working as a Yoga Therapist for 6 years, in my local community in the Slocan Valley and in the neighbouring towns of Trail and Nelson.

Innerwave refers to the current of energy that flows through our bodies and awakens our soul. This wave of energy is awakened through consciousness inspired by, and fully connected to, the Divine. It is the same energy that animates all life, the divine Shakti manifest in all nature.

Innerwave takes your yoga practice from something mechanical and grossly physical to something deeper, finer, and eternal.

I hope these pages give you a sense of who I am, and what I am doing.

I am deeply grateful.